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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.” ~Carl Jung

The Tolomei Method®


Carrie Tolomei
Intuitive Guide
Spiritual Teacher

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What is The Tolomei Method®?

“Modern Day Healing Grounded in the Wisdom of the Ages”

The Tolomei Method® is a complete diagnostic tool and healing technique that safely and efficiently clears the energy that interferes or tampers with our health, joy and spiritual and emotional freedom.

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What is Intuitive Therapy?

Unlike Traditional Therapy, which often focuses on the conscious mind or what is already “known”, Intuitive Therapy guides us deeper into the unconscious layers of stored emotions to bring to awareness what needs to be released.

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Classes and Workshops

Find a list and dates of current and future classes and workshop offerings.

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“The sun, when directly above your head, casts no shadow.”

~ Carrie Tolomei

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1:00 pm — 5:30 pm
@ Portland, Oregon

The Tolomei Method® Level I

1:00 pm — 5:30 pm
@ Portland, Oregon


  • Ryann B., Marfa TX (Ryann B)
    My first experience with Carrie was more powerful and beneficial than I could have hoped for. She guided me down a path that I could feel, but could not see. She helped me clear out the clutter on that path so that I could move forward with strength and courage. Carrie's strength is all around her and she so generously lends it with such beautiful certitude. I felt "stuck" when I sat down for our session together, and "free" when I stood up to leave. I will continue to seek Carrie Tolomei's counsel in the future. She sees my spirit clearly, and knows how to help me navigate my personal, spiritual story. I am very thankful for her talent and nurturing guidance.
  • Kaitlin N., Portland, OR
    “My first session with Carrie was incredible and enlightening! She was able to immediately delve into deep interferences of the heart that I have been dealing with in my life, and articulate in a way that helped me find an understanding of my thought processes, and ultimately a clarity of my potential. Carrie was able to provide me with visuals and meditations for moving forward to my true self and communicating truly with others. I feel like this opportunity has already helped me; in re-establishing direction in my life, in clarity of my true mindset, in communicating more directly in my relationships. What an uplifting experience! Carrie Tolomei has a true gift!”
  • Troy M., Portland, OR
    “Devoid of spirituality and disenchanted with vaporous intangibles, I had been programmed to interpret my world by empirical analysis. I was a hollow, sorrowed man. I agreed to do energy work with Carrie to satisfy the pleadings of a very special, long-lost friend. I promised to be receptive and open-minded, but my expectations were minimal. Over one year later, Carrie continues to guide, support, and care for me through what has become the single most extraordinary spiritual, emotional, and psychological metamorphosis of my life. She has introduced me to a skill-set I never knew existed, and most importantly, taught me how to use it for my continued self-improvement. By applying The Tolomei Method, I have completely dismantled my archaic, erroneous belief system and established a new paradigm of discernment and comprehension, with which I am able to pursue and apprehend as much happiness, joy, and truth as I desire. Isn’t that what we all deserve? Thank you, Carrie Tolomei!”
  • Kariely C., Panama
    “My first session with Carrie surpassed my expectations! She is amazingly insightful, connecting at a level that sees beyond the material to answer your questions and help you see with more clarity. She helped me at a time when I had no answers. Her counsel took away the veil of ambiguity and confusion guiding me on my way. It was self awakening, helping me tremendously with my personal growth. Carrie is a genuine person and she truly cares!”
  • David Barton M.Ac., L.Ac., Portland, OR
    “I’ve had a Five Element Acupuncture practice in NW Portland for the last 13 years. Many of the treatments I use have their purpose in ridding people of negative influences, especially those that enter our bodies as a result of the inevitable bumps and blows we all experience in our complicated modern life. Some of the difficulties I have faced about this process of clearing negative energy has centered around: How do I protect myself to maintain my own health? Where does the “stuff” go after it is released? And how can I have a better grip or understanding on what is happening so I can do a more effective job with my healing modality? I have looked far and wide for help concerning these issues. I have spoken to many professionals in the healing professions, all with little or no resolve. From the start, Carrie Tolomei and her Method, has had a profound and positive effect on helping me understand these issues and, more importantly, how to effectively deal with them. Her Method is direct, straight forward, understandable and positively effective. I learned it in one weekend and incorporated it into practice early the following week. Her support after the course has been amazing! The Tolomei Method classes have been the best continuing education program I have ever taken! If you are in the helping/healing professions, what you will learn will have a profound effect on your practice, your health and your own life, in many unforeseen and positive ways. It has for me!”
  • Jean-Marie B., Writer, Renowned Traveler and Truth Seeker
    “When Carrie prays, something happens. I can actually feel energy moving through my body. What registers as discomfort and dis-ease in my heart area or solar plexus area CHANGES during a session with Carrie. When she clears me, I actually feel like something with a perceptible energetic mass has departed my body. I feel relaxed, at peace. My mind is clear and I know the Truth!”
  • Kathleen C., Portland, OR
    “Traditional Talk Therapy: Searching for a diamond in a landfill, in the dark. Intuitive Therapy with Carrie Tolomei: The diamond is resting at your feet.”
  • Mella Kaufman, Psychotherapy, Portland OR
    “The Tolomei Method has a powerful ability to move energy in a way that will change one’s life! I have referred clients that were able to remove blockages that previously prevented progress in therapy. Every time I collaborate with Carrie, I feel a renewed sense of hope for the impact of therapy. Carrie’s work is unique, powerful and an underutilized resource.”
  • Megan D., Huntington Beach, CA
    “I have worked with Carrie for several years now and she is extraordinarily skilled at honing in on what is happening in any given situation and addressing the challenge at its root level. She can read the other actors in that context and help me figure out the best option in difficult decisions. She’s the real deal; she puts you and your highest good first! She provides specific, appropriate insight and her advice is wise, timeless, and profound. She has been able to sum up in one or two sentences things that have taken me months and years to figure out in practice. Working with her will enhance your life, bring more grounding and focus to what you are creating, and keep you strong and clear when making decisions. Carrie is graceful with her gift and her counsel is always empowering, direct and truthful. I would recommend her to anyone.”
  • Robert Ciprian, DC, DIBAK, Washington, DC
    “Carrie Tolomei is a spiritual counselor with an intuitive but no-nonsense approach to helping people with obstacles and challenges in life.”
  • Anthony C., Big Bear, CA
    “I met Carrie during the darkest period of my life. I was addicted to cocaine. It was a five year long journey that cost me a career and many precious relationships. She helped me overcome the resistance that kept me in a holding pattern of self destruction. Carrie has a tremendous heart and potent gift, and for this humble soul, it saved my life!”
  • Brittany L., Portland, OR
    "I came to Carrie in search of help and support, after exhausting help from several notable healers around the country. I had been dealing with severe anxiety, fear and uncertainty about many areas of my life. From the very first session with her, I left feeling I had found the one person who could support me through the challenges I was facing. With Carrie's help, I was able to pinpoint the cause of my dis-ease and neutralize the ground that my torment came from. I have never looked back! I attribute much of my success, well being and my new found passions today, because of Carrie's work. I cannot speak highly enough about her and her extraordinary heart for helping others!"
  • Andrew M., Portland, OR
    My recent experiences with Carrie in her workshops, and a one on one counseling session, have been amazing and helpful. I love the container, structure, and focus The Tolomei Method provides. After working with Carrie I feel clear, activated, and motivated! Carrie not only creates a great space for healing in her private sessions and workshops, but she also sends her clients home with practical and powerful tools for every day life.